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PEEK, also known as Polyether ether ketone, is a semicrystalline thermoplastic used in numerous high-end engineering applications. PEEK exhibits excellent mechanical and chemical resistance characteristics, especially in dealing with high temperature applications. PEEK’s glass transition temperature lies around 289 Fahrenheit, while its melting point is around 662 Fahrenheit. What this equates to is that PEEK is an ideal candidate for applications requiring a non-metallic material that needs to be resistant to thermal degradation.

Since PEEK is such a robust material, it makes it suitable for many demanding applications, such as valves, bearings, cable insulation, and piston parts. A few of the more common markets where PEEK is used extensively are the Aerospace, Medical, and Chemical Process Industries. The main disadvantage of PEEK is its relatively high price. Next time you have a project or application that requires quality CNC machined parts or components, look no further than InsulFab Plastics.

CNC machined PEEK parts/components

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